Wring Me

My name is Tommy.

I am a son, a brother, a grandson, a friend, a college student, a marketing major, a three-time intramural champ[i], a proud West Virginian, and a child of the Most High.

But recently I have seen myself more as a towel.

…let me explain…

For years I have continually soaked myself with the darkness of this world—with sin, fear, anxieties, weights, chains, insecurities, worries, bondages, burdens, ignorance, self-pity, regret from past decisions.

And at some point, God—out of His inability to stomach such darkness, and out of His immeasurably gracious love to see my life lived to the fullest—decided that I was too wet with evil and too heavy with unneeded burdens.

So He began to wring me—wring me like a towel—to dry me free from the hold Satan had on my soul.

But instead of wringing me in one twist, He has (beautifully and mercifully) slowly dried me out—one deliberately painful turn at a time.

With each twist, with each new experience of pain and struggle and agony—with each realization that God has forgiven me of my sinfulness but has still allowed me to live with the consequences—God has twisted me and whispered, “Trust me.”

With each act of wringing, I have been forced to choose God for comfort—and He has pushed me to find comfort in Him only.

So for now I am a towel.

And I can only marvel at the day when I am completely dry, when God is done wringing and I can look at how far He’s brought me, and what He’s brought me out of.

For now, God, I say, “Wring me.” I will continue to trust in You.



[i] Technically, I’m a four-time intramural champ. We got a team together for a volleyball tournament, and we were the only team to show up. We got a shirt.

People often ask me what the hardest part of being a four-time intramural champ is. Honestly, it’s finding room to keep all of the shirts.


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